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Proposal: Fat Tweets Week on Twitter!?
By Dave Winer on Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 11:46 AM.

A picture named fattweet.gifIf you weren't around last night on Twitter, you missed the brief renaissance of "fat" tweets.  permalink

To recap, because of a loophole in Twitter's url-shortener, it was possible to create messages of indeterminate length. There were a number of people, myself included, who tried a few brief experiments to see if it was possible. Mostly just Hello World stuff. Nothing very interesting. permalink

But it was tantalizing. For the first time we got to see what a longer tweet would look like. permalink

StefanW echoes my sentiment when he says yes they were sweet, but asks "How to fight dogmatism?" permalink

This got me thinking. I know how to fight dogma. With compromise.  permalink

I'd like to propose an experiment to the owners of Twitter. For a brief period, say 7 days, let a few of us create special accounts that don't have a 140-character limit. We know there's no technical limit in the software. After all you had to disable the feature. It's already in there.  permalink

A picture named srirachaChiliSauce.jpgAfter a week of experimentation, we agree that you get to turn it off if you want, or you can leave it there. Or do something else. Maybe we'll learn why, after all, easing the limit is not a good idea. permalink

As with everything on Twitter, it will be strictly opt-in and anyone who opts-in can opt-out at any time. permalink

Let us have a week to experiment, to see what's possible, and to make recommendations. permalink

If you agree or disagree, write a blog post. And be sure to use more than 140 characters to say what you think! :-) permalink

PS: I've been down this road myself. In the early days of outlining, ThinkTank had a 40-character limit on headlines. One of our earliest most vocal users, and a good friend, Dick Applebaum, was relentless in promoting what he called fat headlines. When I wrote the post yesterday I was reminded of Dick. What was the outcome? I relented. The result was MORE, which won product of the year in 1986 on the Mac, and made our users very happy and our investors rich. :-) permalink

PPS: mbjorn calls this Fat Tweets Week. I like. Changed the title of the post. permalink

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