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Followup on Apache/Dropbox/Windows
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 7:11 PM.

A picture named crush.gifWhat a mess, but it has a happy ending. permalink

I now have an Apache sub-folder of my Dropbox folder that contains sub-folders whose names are domains. permalink

When I create a new folder and point that domain at the machine running Apache, it automatically is configured to host that domain out of that folder. And I can copy files into that folder from any of my machines on my Dropbox network. permalink

I was finally able to create a NTFS junction using an Explorer add-in that Samir Talwar gave me a pointer to. Bravo Samir! permalink

As always the Scripting News braintrust not only has a myriad of answers, but has the right one, and we get there quickly in good spirits. permalink

You guys are the best!!! :-) permalink

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