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I love netbooks but Asus is blowing it
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 4:06 PM.

A picture named disneyPad.gifAsus says the iPad is cutting into netbook sales. permalink

I'm not surprised. Asus's response to the iPad has been to stop improving their netbooks. The product they're shipping now is in no way different from the one they were shipping six months before the iPad shipped. It isn't even cheaper. Maybe the battery lasts longer, but they maxed out that spec when they hit 7 hours use per charge. permalink

They knew the iPad was coming, and they had nothing in the pipe.  permalink

That sales are dropping is no surprise. What possible reason would anyone who has one have for buying a new one?  permalink

Meanwhile this leak re a Google/Chrome OS/Verizon tablet shipping in November sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I'll buy one for sure if it's less than $500. I love buying new cool gadgets. Too bad Asus isn't offering any.  permalink

Update: Lots of interesting comments on Hacker News. permalink

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