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Morning bike ride -- equipment malfunction!
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 8:50 AM.

Rode up to 94th St on the HRGW and back. It's been a 10 mile ride the other two times I've taken it, but this time the GPS got whacked and came up with something pretty crazy. permalink

I rode straight through with only one break at the turnaround point. permalink

Took yesterday off because of rain. Had a very positive effect on my biking today. Rest is an important part of a workout. :-) permalink

And this time it was a headwind going up and tailwind coming back. That's the way I like it! :-) permalink

Riding time: 52 minutes.  permalink

Couple of videos:  permalink

1. The river was choppy today. permalink

2. This is my favorite stretch of the greenway. You're riding over water, very smooth path, perfectly level.  permalink

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