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Playing with Pogoplug
By Dave Winer on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 11:10 AM.

I wrote a post about Pogoplug last week and they offered to send me one for free, and it arrived yesterday.  permalink

I set it up this morning, and now am trying to use it. permalink

A picture named pogo.jpg permalink

I downloaded and installed the Mac software, assuming that a folder would appear on my desktop somewhere with the name Pogoplug or something like that (maybe the name of the hard drive attached to the device), but there's no folder evident. Tried rebooting.  permalink

Noticed that there's now something called MacFUSE in my Preferences app. Not sure if this was there before or if Pogoplug installed it. permalink

Tried reading the FAQ and looked in the Help system, but nothing was immediately obvious. permalink

Tried installing the software again, still nothing. permalink

Looked at the web interface, but was pretty horrified. No way, after using Dropbox, am I using something so hard to look at. permalink

There is an API. Plan to check into that. permalink

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