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Instant Outliner support
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, September 07, 2010 at 9:41 AM.

This is the page that you get to from the Support button in the Buddies window of the Instant Outliner built into the OPML Editor. permalink

If you have a question about using the tool, please post a comment here. But first, read the docs linked to here. It's bad form to ask a question that's answered in the docs. permalink

A few notes... permalink

1. Current status. I'm running a server for a very small number of people while I work on the software and protocols behind it. If I sent you a username and password then you have access, otherwise, please be patient.  permalink

2. The server software is included in the release. If you know how to work with Frontier as a programming environment it certainly is possible to set up your own server, so you don't have to wait for me. In fact, I would appreciate it very much if you didn't. I'm not particularly interested in operating your server. I am interested in a having a tool I can use with others to collaborate on interesting project.s permalink

3. If you want to see what's going on on my server, there is a log.  permalink

4. Be sure to update your OPML Editor frequently. To do so choose Update opml.root from the File menu and click on OK to the prompts. permalink

5. There is a universal binary of the Mac app, but it has display glitches. If you want to use an app without glitches then stick with the PowerPC app, but it requires Rosetta to run. Or use the binary app if you don't mind fumbling around a bit. I hope we have the display glitches solved soon. permalink

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