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Apple's change
By Dave Winer on Thursday, September 09, 2010 at 10:16 AM.

This morning a truly important announcement from Apple that they will allow other development platforms to run on IOS. This is an unqualified good thing.  permalink

A picture named brentDave.jpgThe timing couldn't be more interesting for me, because I'm in Seattle for two days working with Brent Simmons on the OPML Editor code base. One of the things we discussed yesterday was producing an IOS version, but realizing that it could not be distributed through Apple to end users (it could be distributed to developers) because it is a development environment. We plotted out a long roadmap that would take us through Linux to get to Android to try to get to a handheld environment, even though we would both vastly prefer to do this work on Apple's hardware. At today's meeting I'm going to suggest we skip the long road and make a beeline for IOS. permalink

A picture named try.jpgIt's almost as if we're part of some dance. That Apple made this announcement right now makes what has already been a very productive and interesting meeting potentially much more so. Now the challenge is to see how we can take advantage of the new opening.  permalink

Still diggin! :-) permalink

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