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Saturday after Labor Day bike ride
By Dave Winer on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 4:31 PM.

Well, it's a Saturday that means the paths are jammed with Sunday riders and people walking four-across.  permalink

Seriously these people don't get the meaning of "get the fuck out of my way." It's a crime how they be, I tell you.  permalink

But no collisions today. Whew. :-) permalink

Wore long pants over my bike shorts. Getting a wee bit chilly out there.  permalink

At the turnaround point (roughly 96th St) I took a picture with my iPhone 4, upgraded to the 4.1 version of the OS, which is capable of taking pictures that theoretically will blow you away, according to Uncle Steve. You can judge for yourself. (Click on the small versions to get to the full-size ones.) permalink

A picture named hdr1.jpg permalink

A picture named hdr2.jpg permalink

They look pretty good, but I don't see the difference with these and the old version of the OS. Whatever. permalink

Anyway, here's the map. 1 hour, 10.12 miles.  permalink

Had to stop to get my tires filled, accounting for the longish clock time. The good people at Bike and Roll at 43rd were very kind (and competent). permalink

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