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By Dave Winer on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 8:54 AM.

To get a feel for what blogging is like in the East Village, I started an aggregator at: permalink  permalink

The site is run by River2 running in the OPML Editor. permalink

Background... permalink

When I started at NYU, there was another project booting up -- a blog run by the NY Times and NYU jointly to cover the East Village.  permalink

It hadn't been announced back then, so I couldn't talk about it here on Scripting News. The site has since rolled out. permalink

A picture named ev.jpgBut there wasn't much interest, so in May I turned it off. Sites like this fall into disrepair quickly. You have to watch for feeds that wander off topic, and there are always problems to take care of and one less site makes life a little easier. In this case, the aggregator was the last service running on an AWS instance, so by turning it off I was able to shut it off too. permalink

Yesterday I got an email from Brooke Kroeger, the director of the journalism institute at NYU, wondering why the site hadn't updated since May. I offered to turn it back on, and she asked me to. So it's back on.  permalink

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know. It's a resource for anyone and everyone. There's an OPML of all the feeds it follows. You're free to run that through your aggregator if you like.  permalink

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