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Facebook's phone as obvious as nose on your face
By Dave Winer on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 1:02 PM.

A picture named fb.gifHonestly, I thought everyone knew that Facebook was working on a hand-held device.  permalink

Flip it around. What if someone told you they weren't working on one? They'd be nuts. permalink

Just look at what Facebook is.  permalink

1. Pictures. permalink

2. Contacts. permalink

3. Chat. permalink

4. Email. permalink

5. Check-ins. permalink

6. Networked. permalink

About the only thing it isn't is voice, and that's really not a big deal on today's "phones." permalink

A picture named bear.gifThey have a shot at creating the mobile device my mother would love. And my mother has an iPhone, and it's really hard to use when you look at it through her eyes. Seriously.  permalink

If you took the Facebook app for the iPhone and pulled it out through its umbilical cord and made it the operating environment instead of just an app, you'd have an awesomely simple mobile device. Just add an icon for Voice and you're good to go. permalink

PS: It'll probably suck a lot less than Apple's social network. :-) permalink

PPS: Another way to think of it. For a major Internet utility like Facebook, doing a mobile device is like a major word processor doing printer drivers in the 80s, back when the OS didn't do them.  permalink

PPPS: There ought to be a strictly freeware non-corporate platform for mobile devices. Possible an Android distribution. permalink

Update: How a Facebook "phone" can be easier than iPhone. permalink

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