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My first piece on "net neutrality"
By Dave Winer on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 10:55 AM.

As far as I know I've never written about net neutrality on permalink

So this is the first time. permalink

I've never written about it because I didn't know what to say. permalink

I really don't understand the issue. But then today I received a press release in email saying that a lot of music stars, along with, are making a stand in favor of net neutrality. How are they doing it? By posting messages on Twitter and Facebook. permalink

Wait a minute! permalink

That's fucked up. permalink

Here they are taking a stand against corporate ownership of public media, and they use corporate media to express this point of view. No that's not how you do it. Wrong. Hypocritical. Clueless. permalink

You have to be consistent in your story. If you don't want corporate ownership of media on one level, you can't support it on another. permalink

Neither Facebook or Twitter allow peering. To get on their network you have to be in their network. It's fine to use these tools, I suppose -- I do -- but if you want to take a political stand in favor of an open and free Internet, do it on the open and free Interet. Please.  permalink

Create a blog, put it on your server, hook it up to the net through one of the companies you're protesting against (that's what's worth protesting, your limited choice), and speak your mind. Then, if you must, tweet links to those stories and share them on Facebook. permalink

Please. permalink

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