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Maybe NYU should be a startup?
By Dave Winer on Monday, October 04, 2010 at 8:36 AM.

A picture named loveRss.jpgYesterday I posted an item saying I was looking for NYU's news feeds. I explained where I had looked. Enough time has passed by now that I would have expected a deluge. And one or two snide comments from people saying the main feed was in plain sight, how come I couldn't see it? But nothing like that came.  permalink

This is Startup Week at NYU. A lot of professors and almuni will speak to students about the virtues of being an entrepreneur. But always the best way to inspire is by example. Tom Sawyer got a lot of help with his fence painting problem when he illustrated how much fun it was. permalink

It seems to me that NYU could use an RSS-makeover. :-) permalink

How do the East Village bloggers, who seem to resent and fear NYU so, get their information on what the 800-pound gorilla is doing? Why aren't they screaming from the top of village tenements for the feeds.  permalink

What do we want? Feeds!! When do we want them? Now!! :-) permalink

This is how you achieve what they call transparency. By being up front with what's going on behind the curtain in the land of Oz. permalink

Meanwhile in Startup-land, while everyone's lining up to the make the Foursquare for apartment rentals in Egypt, shouldn't we be taking care of our own online presence first? permalink

And btw, where is NYU's Twitter feed? Lots of NYU departments have them, but the university itself, nowhere to be found. permalink

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