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The Zuckerberg movie is good for Zuckerberg
By Dave Winer on Monday, October 04, 2010 at 10:55 AM.

I reviewed The Social Network on Friday. I was so-so on it. Didn't think it was fair, didn't particularly like it as a movie. permalink

A picture named zuck.jpgBut as it settled in, one thing became clear -- it really raises the profile of Mark Zuckerberg to a prominent level. Raises him personally above the founders of every other current Silicon Valley high flier. This can't be anything but good for Zuck and his company, and bad for the others. permalink

As Bill Gates puts himself out to pasture, as Steve Jobs is showing his bitter inflexibility, and Google looks more clueless about social networks all the time, there's Zuck, on screen, looking fresh and humbled by the birth experience of his company. But now the birthing is over, and even if people believe the myth that he's an asshole, so what? Did that really hurt his predecessors? Did anyone think Steve Jobs was lovable. Bill Gates? His role model was Mr Burns on The Simpsons. (And Sorkin tells us in the closing scene of the movie that Zuck isn't really an asshole (something we've already figured out) he just tries real hard to seem like one.) permalink

All Zuck (the real one) has to do is show that he can take a joke or a jab and a little criticism and emerge with his sense of humor in tact, and he wins, big. And guess what, that's exactly what he's doing. Good work.  permalink

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