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May resume biking soooon
By Dave Winer on Friday, October 08, 2010 at 6:53 PM.

I got my front wheel fixed at Hudson Urban Bikes on Charles St in the West Village. This may signal my return to bike riding. Feeling strong and really missing the speed. After the crash on Sept 24. permalink

When I was checking out there, with my longtime buddy Sandy WIlbourn, I happened to mention to the store person, Maggie, that I was a blogger. She said she was a J-school grad from NYU. Small world. Promised I'd put her pic on Scripting News. permalink

At first Maggie presented her left cheek as her "good side" -- turns out her right side was injured by a car-door-opening accident. Beginning to get the idea that to be a bike rider in NYC is to ride with injuries. I know the feeling! My scabs are just about ready to fall off, but the bruises are still aching, from time to time.  permalink

A picture named maggie.jpg permalink

Sandy was my college buddy from the math department at Tulane. Then he and I both went to UW-Madison. Finally a few years later I ran into him in Roberts Market in Woodside. Had drinks with him this eve in the meatpacking district. :-) permalink

A picture named sands.jpg permalink

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