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RSS data in JSON format
By Dave Winer on Saturday, October 09, 2010 at 11:35 AM.

This FeedHose thing is starting to get interesting! permalink

1. There's a new page that shows the 3 most recent items to flow through the hose for the NYT.  permalink permalink

2. You can change the number of items if you like. Max is 15. permalink permalink

3. You can get the most recent items in JSON. permalink  permalink

It's worth pausing here. Look carefully. That's RSS data in JSON format. (I was not the first to do this, thankfully, I had prior art to look at. And a very nice validator to work with as well.) permalink

4. You can also get the long-poll version in JSON, though it's harder to demo. You should call this from a loop in a script to test, or from a browser-based AJAX app. The call below will timeout after 3 seconds. The default is 180. permalink permalink

5. The seed page is also available in JSON. (I've got a general-purpose JSONizer inside the app.) permalink permalink

6. To celebrate all this neat jsonish hoseyness, I bought a cool domain to tie it all together (haven't started that part yet). permalink  permalink

The open web is great, out here in wild.  permalink

Still diggin! :-) permalink

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