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Beautiful weekday bike ride
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 4:45 PM.

A picture named bike.gifThe rain they were forecasting went away and today was a gloriously beautiful autumn day in NYC. Temp in the high 60s, light breeze, very light traffic on the trail. Virtually ideal biking conditions. permalink

I have a new bike meditation. I am not the fastest biker on the trail, I am the safest. I go through the dangerous intersections slowly and carefully. If, as I'm entering a major danger spot, I find myself behind a slow cyclist or two, I patiently fall in behind them. Sorry folks, but if someone is going down I'd rather it not be me. :-) permalink

The bike is holding up well. permalink

The river looks glassy and sunny today. permalink

A group of walkers comes by when I'm stopped at the turnaround point. One of them says, if you're walking next to the river, it's a river walk. Case closed! Said like a true New Yorker. I took a picture as they went by, along with a biker who was cursing them for taking up the whole path with their philosophizing.  permalink

The map shows that the ride was 52 minutes, 8.94 miles. permalink

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