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Perfect 10 for Microsoft ad
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 5:13 PM.


Really. permalink

A few observations.  permalink

They should have started running these ads before their rollout. Would have made the Ballmer interviews go better. permalink

The ad works because it says something we all feel about phones, even if sometimes we're the ones bumping into people. It's annoying when people walk around with their mind and eyes elsewhere.  permalink

You even see assholes riding their bikes at full speed reading their phone, hands totally off the handlebars. They aren't bike riders, they're missiles. permalink

It also works because it doesn't mention the competition. It isn't about the competition. It's saying -- hey -- we've been paying attention, even though we haven't had a product you lust for, we know what's going on.  permalink

It answers the "Microsoft is clueless" challenge. permalink

Of course it says nothing about the phone.  permalink

If the product sucks the ad is for naught. But you sort of suspect they wouldn't have gone to the trouble to create such an excellent ad for a shit product.  permalink

But that's not the first thing we need to know. We don't want to buy a phone from someone we don't admire. Apple made it about that. I bought a Droid because they had something Apple didn't -- macho and guts and freedom (or at least the promise of freedom) at a time when iPhones seemed wimpy and locked-up and unreliable. Now with the iPhone 4, Apple is selling luxury. And as always selling Apple. permalink

Microsoft needs to tell us what we're buying when we buy Microsoft. They're beginning to say something here. We're buying someone who is like us. Patient but getting kind of fed up. Really.  permalink

Maybe their phone reflects reality. Or maybe that's really-ity. :-) permalink

Good work! permalink

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