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Readings for Jay's class, week 2
By Dave Winer on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 7:27 AM.

I'm going to Jay Rosen's class this afternoon, after participating in a very interesting discussion last Monday.  permalink

He writes:This week, we are broadening the lens to include bloggers, critics and students of the Net discussing [the disruption] of the business model for news, the collapse of the newspaper industry (by far the biggest employer of journalists) and the rise of a new system for producing and delivering news." permalink

1. Jeff Jarvis, The Last Presses, at his blog, Buzzmachine (Dec. 5, 2005). permalink

2. Eric Alterman, Out of Print: The death and life of the American newspaper, article in The New Yorker, (March 31, 2008). permalink

3. Nick Carr, The Great Unbundling: Newspapers & the Net, Britannica Blog (April 7, 2008). permalink

4. Lisa Williams, Journalism will Survive the Death of its Institutions, IdeaLab blog. (April 15, 2008). permalink

5. Clay Shirky, Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable, at his blog. (March 13, 2009). permalink

6. Steven Berlin Johnson, Old Growth Media and the Future of News, at his blog. (March 14, 2009). permalink

7. Dan Conover, 2020 vision: What's next for news, at his blog, Xark. (March 20, 2009). permalink

8. Dave Winer, The reboot of journalism, at his blog Scripting News (March 19, 2009). permalink

9. Amanda Michel, Get off the Bus: The future of pro-am journalism. Columbia Journalism Review, (March/ April 2009). permalink

10. Doc Searls, After the Advertising Bubble Bursts, at his blog (March 23, 2009). permalink

11. Susannah Breslin, The numbers on self-publishing long form journalism, at her blog (Oct. 19, 2010). permalink

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