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Post-eye-surgery bike ride
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 1:55 PM.

After getting my minor eye surgery I've been feeling fragile, so I've avoided bike riding. But today it was just such a gorgeous day, and I was waiting for some software to update (a very slow process) so I said this is the day -- and out I went. permalink

I didn't realize how good I had it on the west side, because every trip on the east side, it seems begins with a cross-town ride, in traffic, to get to the west side. Not a good place to feel shaky, but that's how I started this ride. Once I got on the Hudson River bike path, I was back on familiar turf. Repeating the mantra, I am not the fastest rider, but I am the safest. Lots of interesting sights to see, and an otherwise uneventful 10.7 mile ride.  permalink

The turnaround picture showed what a gorgeous day it is here in NY. permalink

A picture named idyllyicDay.jpg permalink

The long delay was at Hudson Urban Bikes on Charles St to filll my rear tire which was very low. permalink

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