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It's a wrap
By Dave Winer on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 9:58 AM.

On, a headline we've been anticipating. permalink

Chris has died, and it's covered, on his personal blog.  permalink

A natural-born-blogger, to the end. permalink

Reminds me of a story... permalink

I was at Dean HQ in Burlington, on the night of the Iowa primary and The Scream. I had the keys, I could post to the home page of the Dean blog, thanks to Nicco who I had just met who thought it was a fun idea to have me in the room, blogging for Dean on the big night. It felt hugely powerful. It might have been the most-watched place in the blogosphere that night. permalink

They're projecting Larry King on a screen in the office where we all can see. The Candidate is on and he says is clearly and unambiguously. We lost Iowa. But we're still in it. On to New Hampshire!  permalink

So I open a new post and enter a title: We Lost Iowa (or somesuch). The body of the post quotes Governor Dean as I heard him on TV. Short and sweet. I posted it to the home page and kicked back with a satisfied feeling of a blogger who got the scoop.  permalink

As people in the office refresh the home page, a meeting convenes in a private office with the door shut, where it's decided that the post will come down. We only run positive news, it seems. But Dean, using his instinct for putting out the real story as soon as possible, to be the source of the bad news so people know we're still here, there will be a tomorrow, he understood that the blog should just acknowledge it.  permalink

So like it or not, it makes perfect sense for report the end of Gulker. And like it or not, though we lost Chris, we're still here, there will be a tomorrow. permalink

My two cents... permalink

People play different roles in your life.  permalink

In mine, Chris Gulker was a teacher.  permalink

He taught me about web content management at a time when that's what I most needed to learn. permalink

He's still teaching me  permalink

Thanks man! permalink

PS: I'll seeya soon enough. :-) permalink

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