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My East Side ride
By Dave Winer on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 6:11 PM.

Today's ride took me to the East River, up and down, but this isn't going to cut it as a regular trip. permalink

First, the ride to the east is truly dangerous. In one place I was riding up a two-way street that was about to turn one way (the other way). A cab enters the street on the wrong side, headed straight for me. I had to ditch between two cars.  permalink

Anywhere that you have to share a narrow street with cars is really dangerous. The moving cars cut real close to you, leaving you no option but to ride real close to the parked cars. And there's nothing you can do if a door opens into your path. I hate that kind of riding. permalink

Trucks routinely park in the bike lanes on the avenues. The only way around them is to pull into traffic or ride around them on the sidewalk. Which choice do you like better? :-) permalink

The actual riding on the bike paths, what little there is (compared to the west), is pretty good. But to the north there's a problem with the United Nations. They can't run a bike path through there, apparently. So the path just ends, with the UN in the distance, with the 59th St bridge beyond that. Today was a gorgeous day and a nice picture was possible.  permalink

Turning south, I went as far as the Williamsburg Bridge, again a very nice ride. I just wish there was more of it.  permalink

I like the west side so much better. And it's not really that much more of a schlep to get over there. So the next time I go out riding, I'll just head west. permalink

The map for the day. 47 minutes. 6.65 miles.  permalink

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