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Angry Birds on MacBook Air
By Dave Winer on Monday, November 01, 2010 at 2:44 PM.

I think Steve played a little sleight of hand with us the other day when they announced the Back to the Mac business.  permalink

It just came to me when I took an Angry Birds break with my iPad. Why can't this run on the Mac? Answer: it can. (Or it soon can, maybe next month or the month after.) permalink

Everyone was wondering what kind of software would be sold for the Macintosh version of the Apple Store. Marco even said there would be a new class of little software, you know -- like the stuff we buy for the iPad and iPhone. permalink

Close, but not quite. permalink

The software we will buy from the Mac version of the Apple Store will be the actual software that runs on the iPad and iPhone. permalink

A picture named airpad1.jpg permalink

In other words, they're teaching the developers, privately, how to write iPad software for an iPad with a keyboard. In other words, the MacBook Air.  permalink

Why didn't I see this? One of my first wishes when I got my iPad was that this software would run on a Mac. I forgot that, and Uncle Steve said it the other way. The store is coming to the Mac. The store is coming to the Mac. That's the sleight of hand. What he really meant to say is that IOS software is coming to the Mac. Or maybe it's the IOS hardware I'm writing this on is running Mac software, kind of the way Carbon ran old lifeless legacy Mac apps. Which one is the "real" OS and which one is running in a compatibility box? I have a funny feeling that right now, as I type this on an AirBook, I'm using the compatibility box. Right? (I imagine some of my IOS developer friends reading this, wishing they could tell me, but for an NDA.) permalink

Put it another way, who has the patience to play Mac games now that we've been playing iPad games? permalink

What else? permalink

All the other iPad apps.  permalink

PS: Everyone who said I was full of shit when I said the trackpad was the harbinger of IOS apps on Mac hardware -- I owe you all an I Told You So. :-) permalink

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