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IOS on Macintosh, Day 2
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 02, 2010 at 4:32 PM.

There's been a trickle of other blogs picking up on the idea. permalink

Great mockup on TiPb. :-) permalink

A picture named mockup.gif permalink

Why?? permalink

Why would Apple want to do this? To create as large a market as possible for IOS apps. permalink

Why do they care about that? Well, they make a lot of money selling those apps. That's a pretty good reason all on its own. permalink

But even more important, for Apple, any developer energy that's applied to an Apple platform is energy that isn't applied to a Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Blackberry, Nokia platform.  permalink

I probably left someone out. Oh yea. The web. :-) permalink

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