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Storing XML post source with Drupal
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, December 07, 2010 at 10:24 AM.

A picture named bandAid.gifTim Cullen took me up on my feature request for blogging tool vendors. permalink

A few links. permalink

1. This is my Drupal test website. permalink

2. My username is Dave Winer. He mailed me my password. permalink

3. The URL of the MetaWeblog API is here. permalink

I think I have everything I need to test it. permalink

Hours later... permalink

After a lot of fumbling and guessing and support from Tim, I was able to get metaweblog.newpost to create a new post. permalink permalink

Let's see if, when I do a metaweblog.getpost, I get back the source code. permalink

metaweblog.getpost failed, but this time I got an error response. (Earlier errors were silent.) permalink

The server,, returned error code -32602: Server error. Invalid method parameters. permalink

The only one that seems could be causing the problem is the postid which I sent across as the number 6. permalink

Then I changed it to the string 6 and it worked. :-) permalink

Did it return a value for postSource? It did. Was it what I sent? permalink

Yeah it looks pretty good. :-) permalink

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