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How works
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, December 08, 2010 at 11:21 AM.

A picture named espresso.jpgEvery day I push a bunch of links through Twitter. I have this process fairly well streamlined. I click on a bookmarklet, it grabs the headline and URL and shoots it to an app on one of my servers. It shortens the URL and then sends it to, where it all appears in my status box. I edit it, and click the Tweet button and off it goes. permalink

Another app checks in with Twitter every five minutes to see if I've posted anything new and if it has a link in it. If it does, it is saved in a database. This database has been going since April 2009. permalink

On Monday I added another element to the flow. Now the current day's tweets-with-links are pushed to a post on, which is a site running on The connection is very simple, through the MetaWeblog API. So now there's another way to get my links, without going through Twitter. permalink

The links have been available via RSS for quite some time. permalink

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