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By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 2:16 PM.

A picture named moon.jpgI found it hard to get a handle on all the news about Wikileaks, so I attempted to do something about it.  permalink

The result is  permalink

It updates every ten minutes with all the latest WikiLeaks news, or more frequently for news from realtime feeds. permalink

We still need more feeds, so if you know of a good one that we're missing, please post a link as a comment to this post. permalink

Our OPML subscription list is public. permalink

I am hand-curating a feed to supplement the river until we get all the feeds we need in the mix. permalink

The effort to create more visually pleasing rivers is going really well. Martin Duffly published a howto, and we have a developers mail list going to share know-how. This work is based on the JSON and static JSONP rendering of the various rivers I'm hosting. permalink

I'm using the River2 aggregator running in the OPML Editor.  permalink

In addition to HTML, the content is also available in JSON, static JSONP and as an OPML subscription list.  permalink

You may include the content from in your site, but please point back to  permalink

If you're working in a news organization on WikiLeaks stories, I am developing a new editorial tool for managing rivers like Get in touch if you're interested in collaborating. We'll be working over the holidays, in NYC. (Often a very productive time of year.) permalink

I have more features in mind, as this moon mission project continues. :-) permalink

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.permalink

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