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By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 6:19 PM.

I have a few brief comments then I'll STFU and let the community work on this. I never was a big user. But I am familiar with the problems that the community will face in a general way. permalink

Here are the priorities in preserving what was created by the users. permalink

1. As Stephen Jones says on Twitter, the data. Years worth of links and collections. The most important thing, but not the only important thing. permalink

A picture named cage.jpg2. The domain. If the community is to survive, there needs to be something at (and Ideally it would be more or less exactly what's at the Yahoo site now.  permalink

3. The API. For apps that were developed to work with, preserving the API is important. permalink

However, one more thing, if the activity of doing what does is to continue and to grow, don't make the same mistake again. Find a way to host your data in a place where you're seen as a customer, where there is a sufficient revenue flow to keep it operating. permalink

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