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How Twitter and are alike
By Dave Winer on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 10:09 AM.

Twitter is useful, imho, for two things: permalink

1. As a way to share links. permalink

2. As a way to speak your mind. permalink

These days I use it almost exclusively for #1. Very little of #2.  permalink

People just aren't that interested in what other people think. And it's damned difficult to speak your mind 140 characters at a time. Most of the time you can anticipate in advance what the misunderstandings will be, and self-edit. Then self-censor. Why bother going through all that michegas. permalink

But as a link-sharing tool, it is really excellent. permalink

How you can get the links I send through Twitter... permalink

1. You can, of course, read them in Twitter. permalink

2. There's also a site that has all my links going back to April 2009. permalink

3. Recently I started flowing the links through a WordPress blog. permalink

4. There is, of course, a realtime RSS feed of my links. permalink

5. And a Top 40 list of recent links, ranked by click-throughs. permalink

Then it just struck me -- sheez -- I'm mostly using Twitter the way people use permalink

Maybe there's a lesson in there. Perhaps if we figure out how to decentralize, we'll be on the way to decentralizing Twitter? Maybe all needed was to become realtime, and it would have become Twitter? permalink

BTW, I often have the same idea about Flickr. It's a gem, with a huge and influential user base, to this day. With a little love and care it might blossom into something really wonderful.  permalink

Yes, I believe in resurrection! :-) permalink

A picture named microBBanimes.gif permalink

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