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Do you know Eben Moglen?
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 11:02 PM.

You should. You will. Read on... #

Read this piece that just appeared in the NY Times firehose feed. #

He likes the plug server form factor. "A small device the size of a cellphone charger, running on a low-power chip. You plug it into the wall and forget about it."  #

The missing ingredient is sofware. "This month, Mr. Moglen, who now runs the Software Freedom Law Center, spoke to a convention of 2,000 free-software programmers in Brussels, urging them to get to work on the Freedom Box." #

"It is not hard, when everybody is just in one big database controlled by Mr. Zuckerberg, to decapitate a revolution by sending an order to Mr. Zuckerberg that he cannot afford to refuse," Mr. Moglen said.  #

Yup. #

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