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My rivers and their OPMLs
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 11:09 AM.

A picture named salute.gifI've done something unusual in the last few months, I've made a few public rivers. I've been publicizing them. Beating the drum. Trying to get people interested. With some good results.  #

Here are three of them: #

1. wikiriver.org#

2. daveriver.scripting.com#

3. east-village.org#

Today I did something to extend the interestingness. :-) #

If you look in the address bar when viewing each of them, if you use Firefox as I do, you'll see a blue "radiator" icon. If you click on it, you'll get to the OPML subscription list for the river.  #

Now you can subscribe to the same sources I do. My OPML is automatically updated whenever I add or remove feeds, and if your aggregator supports dynamic subscriptions (also known as reading lists), you'll get exactly the same feeds I have.  #

By making OPML as readily available for rivers as RSS is for blogs, we're taking the next step in a bootstrap. #

Hope you like it! :-) #

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