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Mr Cooper in Tahrir Square during the revolution
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 11:47 AM.

A picture named salute.gifHow many times have you seen American "news people" standing in the middle of a hurricane to "report from the scene." And when you've seen it, have you, like I, said (not on your blog of course) -- "That idiot is going to get himself killed." I suppose that's why people watch it.  #

For all I know when Anderson Cooper does it (and he pioneered the form as far as I know) he's in a studio and the whole thing is simulated. But it often looks like a tree or sign is going to come swooping by and knock off his head. In real-time, while kids all over the world watch. #

I'm still talking about Anderson Cooper.  #

I did see the parallels in an idiot standing outside, unprotected, in a hurricane and a rich, white, American standing in the middle of Tahrir Square during a revolution. As spectacularly great as the Egyptian people were during this event, there were assholes floating around out there. Major assholes. People who hate America and Americans. Did Cooper and CNN not know that? #

I wonder if they made him sign a disclaimer before he went out there saying that if he was killed his family wouldn't sue CNN for causing his death.  #

Just some thoughts. #

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