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Keith Richards is a hacker!
By Dave Winer on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 11:40 AM.

A picture named chuckBerry.jpgTwo quick mini-posts in one, both about media. #

1. Reading Keith Richards' autobiography, just starting it, but already there's been a huge payoff. Something I had never thought about. Before vinyl records there was no way to mass-exchange music between people. The new medium made it possible for Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Solomon Burke and Jerry Lee Lewis, all Americans, to influence two British teens, Richards and his co-Stone, Mick Jagger. He says that's why we saw an explosion in music in the 50s and 60s. Before that it was all Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Richards ought to know, he was a part of the explosion. And the book is an eye-opener because I, like others, assumed Richards was kind of a stoner idiot savant. Quite the opposite, he's a hacker -- a brilliant one.  #

I have rule which I often forget. If one person is doing something much better, or more successfully, than everyone else, don't assume it's luck. It never is. #

Here's what his hacking produces.  #

2. I watched a video with David Carr and AO Scott of the NY Times. Carr said the TV networks love shows like the Oscars because of the realtime connection. I know what he means. I am a huge fan of movies, and am rooting for and against a bunch of movies that are up for awards tonight. He says the Grammys had record viewing this year because of social media. I certainly experience that, I don't know if I've ever watched the Grammys, but I did this year because of all the interesting back and forth on Twitter among my cohorts. I will of course watch the Oscars. TV and realtime networks go really well together. Glad the TV guys now see that. (And don't let Al Jazeera sweep up the whole net-based news thing while you guys are pretending it's the 90s in your news departments.) #

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