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How to use the new host-a-website feature on S3
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, March 08, 2011 at 2:28 PM.

You can find all the links on Werner Vogel's blog. I share his enthusiasm for the new host-a-website feature. I was asking for it for a long time. I guess, from reading the tea leaves, he was too. :-) #

Anyway, I had to do a bunch of trial and error to get my first S3-hosted static site configured. I wanted to leave a howto behind me so next time I won't have to do the head-scratching again. Maybe it will help you too.  #

A picture named money.jpgSuppose the domain you want to host on S3 is r2.reallysimple.org. And the index file for that domain will be index.html. This is what you do. #

1. Go to the S3 panel on the AWS website and create a new bucket called r2.reallysimple.org in the US-Standard region.  #

2. Upload a file called index.html to the new bucket. Say something simple like Hello World. You can copy the HTML from my test file if you want.  #

3. Click on Properties at the top of the right panel, then click on Website in the lower-right panel. Click the Enabled checkbox, and enter index.html as the Index Document. Click Save.  #

4. Click Permissions in the lower-right panel. Then click on Edit bucket policy. Paste in the template text you grab from this file. Edit it to replace YOUR-BUCKET-NAME-GOES-HERE with the name of your bucket (in the example r2.reallysimple.org). Click Save.  #

5. Now go to your domain registrar, and map r2.reallysimple.org as a CNAME to r2.reallysimple.org.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com. #

Now you should be able to go r2.reallysimple.org and see the text of your index file. :-) #

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