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I could run Scripting News from S3
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, March 09, 2011 at 3:40 AM.

A picture named magic.gifscripting.com is served by Apache running on Windows on EC2. It usually works pretty well, but sometimes, usually when there's more traffic, the server stops responding and won't reboot. Eventually, after enough reboots it comes back up, but every time it happens I think about how to get out of this situation.  #

I don't want to run Apache to serve static web content. I want to have that completely taken care of for me. S3 was frustratingly close to being exactly what I want. It just got closer but still isn't exactly what I want. I could run Scripting News from an S3 bucket, but it wouldn't be accessible at scripting.com because that must be an A record, and blah blah blah. It's such a well-rehearsed story now.  #

I subscribe to the no-www philosophy. The shorter the URL the better. I always redirect www.scripting.com to scripting.com. I've come to think of "www" as creepy. #

So that's the downside of hosting Scripting News at S3. And I am so annoyed by www as a prefix I would use something like s3.  #

http://s3.scripting.com/ #

Try it -- it works. It's kept current. All I have to do is redirect scripting.com to s3.scripting.com and goodbye Apache.  #

I wish Amazon would figure out how to let us use the domain name itself for one of these spiffy static sites.  #

But I may go ahead and make the switch anyway. I think s3.scripting.com is kind of cool. :-) #

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