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Today's pot-luck pod-cast
By Dave Winer on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 10:06 AM.

Jay's on a jet plane today at the normal Rebooting the News time, so we're going to try something very different. #

At noon, I'll play a song to get us in the mood, then we'll take calls on talkshoe.com. Use the widget below to find your way there.  #


Call in if you have something to say, a question to ask -- but please keep it nice -- R E S P E C T -- find out what it means to me!  #

And keep your comments as brief as possible. As you know I like to drone on and on, and you have to humor me cause it's my show. :-) #

BTW: If any of these talk radio guys want to pay me $500K, I could make you a browser-based UI that wouldn't leave users crying for their mommies.  #

PS: Here's the MP3.  #

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