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By Dave Winer on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 5:56 PM.

A picture named accordianGuy.gifI spent the last couple of days creating an installable scripting2.root, with a howto. That's the software I use to edit this weblog and produce all the feeds.  #

The sites are fully baked, meaning they can be hosted anywhere. It's set up to, by default, host sites on Amazon S3.  #

One of the things I tripped over while testing the release is some code I forgot I had written. It manages a file that's what I think of as JSONified RSS. It's the feed for Scripting News rendered as JSON. #

http://scripting.com/rss.json  #

From this, I believe you could create a JavaScript browser for this kind of website. Not sure, but I think it could be interesting.  #

My dream would be to have the Readability guys take a shot at this. Or Flipboard. Hmmm. :-) #

PS: The server you get with EC2-for-Poets will run scripting2.root just fine. The pieces are starting to fit together real nice. #

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