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First ride of 2011!
By Dave Winer on Saturday, April 09, 2011 at 7:26 PM.

Hello everyone -- my name is Dave and I love to ride! #

Finally a day that was warm enough to get on my newly-inflated wheels. #

A picture named bikesmall.jpgI rode north to 9th and Lafayette. Went west to 6th where I jogged south on Christopher and over to my favorite Hudson River Bikeway. Then the big question -- north or south? Considering this was the first ride of the season, there were good arguments to go south. Shorter ride. Well-defined terminus. Possibly other routes to come home on. But I went north.  #

Familiar route. Turned around at the Intrepid, and crossed the highway at Horatio. Rode south on Washington, turned east on 10th and rode it to Cooper Sq where I turned south. Considered taking Bleecker St. Maybe next time. #

It was a bit chilly and my legs burned a bit and I got tired sooner than I would have if I had been doing it every day, but IT FELT FUCKING GREAT TO BE BACK ON MY WHEELS.  #

Here's the route and stats thanks to CycleMeter.  #

I've also hooked up CycleMeter and DailyMile, so my trips will automatically (knock wood) show up over there too. :-) #

Christmas Tree
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