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Finding out about conferences before they happen
By Dave Winer on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 3:33 PM.

A picture named russo.jpgThere was just a new media conference in Boston, that judging from who was there, I would have loved to have been at. It would have been great to catch up with so many of the people who were there. Problem is, as with so many conferences -- I didn't find out about this one until it was too late. This time it came in a tweet from Greg Mitchell about a panel he had just finished about WikiLeaks. I would have loved to have been there for that, and to shake his hand. We've never met, except online. I'm an admirer of his work. I'd like to tell him about what I'm doing, show him -- I think it could make his job easier and make his work more useful to others. #

Could a web service help here? Maybe it could.  #

A few years ago I invested in a service called Confabb. Its purpose is to organize information about conferences. It could have developed into a social network for conferences. I don't doubt that such a thing is possible, and needed. Each conference is of course a social network. And a network of all conferences is a super-social network. Someday we will have such a thing. I'm sure of it.  #

Now there probably are already services people use for this. Is that how you all find out about conferences? Me, I'm too lazy. I'd like to get messages from my friends saying we noticed you weren't signed up for this one -- and we think you should be there. Maybe that would help fill in the gaps?  #

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