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Finally a bike-riding day
By Dave Winer on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 11:07 AM.

We've had a wet and cold spring so far, not a lot of days yet that are good for riding. But this morning the sky was clear, the air was warm, and the streets were empty. So I got on the bike and went for a ride! #

Here's the map. 9.49 miles. 56 minutes. #

This is the way you want to do it. The ride cross-town was fine. No cars. But the red lights are suck and the avenues had enough cars so that you had to stop for the lights. Once I got on the Hudson bikeway my gears started slipping. Pulled over and found there was a shoelace caught in them. Removed it and it worked better, but there must be something lodged between the gears that I can't see, cause the high gears kept slipping. No problem. I rode in the lowest gear the whole way. Luckily the only hills on this route are tiny little baby hills.  #

Here's a picture, taken with the Canon Powershot. #

A picture named hudson.jpg #

The park police were out in huge numbers today, keeping bikes off the piers (sheesh) but they didn't keep the pedestrians off the bikeway. As usual, they're out in clueless force, walking two or three abreast, holding hands! Bliocking the whole way in both directions. We need some kind of weapon to penalize them for their selfishness. This, while there is a perfectly good pedestrian path that parallels the bikeway almost the whole way. What's wrong with people.  #

Hey I'm sweating! Feeeeels gooooooooood. :-) #

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