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12.31 mile ride
By Dave Winer on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 5:07 PM.

When I'm riding north and feeling great and thinking maybe I'll just make a dash to the George Washington Bridge, that can only mean one thing. #

Tail wind! :-) #

And it gets me every damned time.  #

I was sailing along, mile after mile, feeling no pain and soaring and weaving and rolling along. #

A picture named bikesmall.jpgOnce I stopped I could feel it was more than a light breeze. More like a stiff wind. #

A picture named bikebig.jpg #

Needless to say I got some gooood exercise on the ride south! :-) #

Feeling great at the end of the ride. Drinking cold water and thinking about what I want for dinner.  #

Here's the map courtesy of Cyclemeter. #

Christmas Tree
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