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11 mile ride, with a blowout!
By Dave Winer on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 5:38 PM.

A picture named bikesmall.jpgI was feeling all kvetchy until I got on the Hudson River trail, when a tail wind lifted me into high spirits.  #

Didn't think much of it as I rolled over somethign that went POP! -- until I was parked at the corner of Hudson and 10th waiting for a light when my rear tire blew out. Just standing there. Sounded like a gun.  #

Luckily there was a bike shop two blocks away, friendly folk. Not only did the tube blow, but whatever it was that I rolled over at the beginning of the ride shot a big hole in the tire itself. Replaced both for $40. Whole new ride. #

This was the first hot weather ride of the year, and I gotta say this is an activity done best in the heat. 11 miles later, I feel great! :-) #

Map: 11.10 miles, ride time -- 1 hour 29 minutes. #

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