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Flickr becomes important again, imho
By Dave Winer on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 11:50 PM.

A picture named bird.jpgSounds like it's totally confirmed that Twitter will announce that they do photos, this week, at the D9 conference in California. #

Meanwhile Flickr is still the way I upload pictures. I like that it's owned by Yahoo, a sleeping giant, living large and dangerous.  #

A lot of good people, people with years worth of photos on Flickr, will wonder what happens now.  #

Twitter going into photos will give us pause to think.  #

Me, I know what I'm doing -- I'm going to make a new home for my photos on the net, not inside a corporate blogging silo. #

I'm totally okay with keeping the photos at Flickr. And continuing to keep them there. But I want them somewhere else too. Just in case. :-) #

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