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Another great boring lovely ride
By Dave Winer on Monday, June 06, 2011 at 5:38 PM.

Rode up to the boat basin at 79th St and back. Light wind, gorgeous sunny day. Just warm enough, but a little on the cool side in the shade. #

Thought about Apple's WWDC announcements and the way Apple went after Instapaper. Marco, who's a local guy, Nth generation Mac developer. He's re-living a story many of us have already lived. The answer is, if he depends on developers to support him, they will go with Apple. I thought I had friends too, when Apple came after my market, which wasn't really much of a market. But they all went with Apple, even if our stuff was better and did a lot more and was easier for developers and gave more to users. #

I think the answer is to find meaning in your work independent of what happens with the fickleness of the platform vendor and its developers. I went on to take the same software that Apple crushed and turned it into blogging, RSS, podcasting, web APIs, all kinds of cool stuff. And yes it did eventually make me a bunch of money. But not the way everyone thought it would. Apple can't really crush you if you keep your wits about you.  #

Anyway -- here are some pics from today's ride. #

A picture named boats.jpg #

A picture named trail.jpg #

Map: 9.98 miles, 1 hour 6 minutes. #

PS: I wish either Instapaper or Readability or both would make a URL shortener that I could use to push links to readable versions of stories. Sometimes I want to push a link to a story and don't just cause it's impossible to read the text because of the colors they've used. It's a really simple thing, and a way to get more people building on your software.  #

Christmas Tree
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