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Hyperlinked writing (not just reading)
By Dave Winer on Thursday, June 09, 2011 at 12:33 PM.

TBL had a breakthrough idea, we all know that.  #

If you want to know what a breakthrough looks like, look at the web. #

A Eureka moment. "Honey come look, I just invented the web." #

His idea was this -- we can have hyperlinked writing without waiting for a solution to the two-way-link problem. Just go ahead and link and we'll worry about how to pick up the pieces later. #

Most people can't relax enough, intellectually, to stop the objections that pop into their heads (everyone has them) from stopping them from going forward anyway, over the objections.  #

Glad we have the web! Thanks TBL. #

But the web is only half the answer when it comes to hyperlinking. It says how to hyperlink reading, but offers nothing in re hyperlinked writing.  #

I realized, that's the problem we have to solve, in Blorkland. And we'll do it the same way TBL did it with hyperlinked reading. By relaxing and not worrying about how it isn't everything we ever wanted it to be. :-) #

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