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Object-oriented writing
By Dave Winer on Thursday, June 09, 2011 at 9:15 AM.

Yesterday I wrote a howto. Nothing new about that, I've been writing howto's since I started programming many years ago.  #

What is new is that the process was so much simpler than it's ever been before.  #

Here's what I did... #

1. Navigate to the My Sites section of my outline. #

2. Press Return. #

3. Enter the title of the howto. #

4. Press Return and Tab. #

5. Enter a subhead. #

6. Press Return and Tab. #

7. Enter a section. (A few paragraphs.) #

8. Press Return and Back-tab. #

9. Enter a subhead title.  #

Etc etc. #

That's how I wrote the document.  #

Now to save it. #

1. Click on the title headline. #

2. Add a nodetype, value = "howto". #

3. Add a domain attribute (left blank here because the contents of the howto is still private). #

4. Click the Save button. #

In the browser I went to the domain. Boom. There it was. It just worked. :-) #

This isn't the first time we've gotten to such a place. MORE, circa 1987, had hierarchic rules that worked the same way. I could specify a style at the root level, and all the subtext would inherit it, unless it was overridden by a more deeply nested rule. That way you could use MORE to store not just a single presentation, but a whole library of presentations. Or a library of libraries. #

Now we're writing publicly. But the same idea applies. Why should I have to start a new document just because I'm starting a new web page. Use the outline to organize it all. As a side-benefit, my web presence is nicely organized. Another thing I've always wanted. #

I've been trying to find a way to explain to programmers why this is so cool. Our users already get it. But it hit me, this is just like object-oriented programming, without the programming. :-) #

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