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Spitzer is great
By Dave Winer on Thursday, June 09, 2011 at 9:24 AM.

I was going for some Weiner sensationalism last night, so I turned to CNN to see what Eliot Spitzer had, and was so impressed I stayed for the whole show. The guy is intelligent, earnest, persistent, and has a good sense of humor about himself. That probably was helped by his own sexual downfall a few years back. (And like Weiner, he has a funny, Jewish name.) #

A picture named wiener.gifWhat really sealed it for me was to see how he conversed with his reporters. You can tell how smart an anchor is by how alive the correspondents are, how intelligently they speak, how they focus on interesting stuff and maybe even important stuff (god forbid). It was the same kind of relationship Aaron Brown had with his reporters.  #

It's the opposite of the connect between John King (for example) and the correspondents who come on his air. They seem bored, focused on trivia, perceptions of perceptions of perceptions. Same with Wolf Blitzer who has to be the dumbest on-air fuck person ever. I want to slap him every time I hear him speak. And Rachel Maddow? Well, without Olbermann to make her look calm, she comes off as shrill and not too interesting. She repeats herself. Draws out her story too long. As if she doesn't have enough to say.  #

Spitzer, imho, has the makings of a superstar. He still has some coming-into-his-own to do. I have a feeling he's not getting the greatest guests because of his scandal. And he has to stop being so nice to Republicans. Come right at them, and sneer at them and even growl when they lie. Same of course with Democrats. And when a guest is boring, interrupt them, and redirect. And if they don't take the clue, cut them off and go to the next segment. #

But on the whole, I think Spitzer is the best thing going right now in cable news. #

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