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Super-early bike ride
By Dave Winer on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 8:18 AM.

A picture named bikesmall.jpgPeople keep saying I should keep blogging my bike rides no matter how much each is just like the ones before. #

But today's was different. I was up really late or really early depending on how you look at things. At 5:45AM, the sun was up, I looked out the window and saw no cars, buses or trucks on the street and I said Yeah let's do this. It was actually cold, but the roads were empty, the casual strollers for the most were still asleep. This being NYC, there were some people out there just to be out there. But it was great. The morning light, fresh air, light breeze. And emptyness. Delightful. #

Got caught behind a bus on 10th St so I detoured via Bleecker and up Sullivan to 4th. #

Map: 1 hour 1 minute. 11.0 miles. #

Christmas Tree
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