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My "no interviews" policy was working
By Dave Winer on Saturday, July 02, 2011 at 1:23 PM.

A picture named batter.gifI decided a while back to become scarce with the press, hoping if I did no interviews, they would still find my ideas compelling, and see me as giving good quote (something I've always prided myself on) by accepting that my blog was a fine source for said quotes. #

It was working. I found that I generally liked how I was being quoted. The words mostly represented what I believe. There were times when they made my opinion sound more harsh and unforgiving than it was. But I think most readers know they tend to exaggerate that way. I must admit, that when I quote people I tend to go for the "money line" the one that's likely to excite or even enflame a bit. So you factor that in. #

This week I found out that it's possible to massively mis-quote, yet actually use words emitted from my keyboard. It was more of a ransom note than an actual quote. As if by cutting and pasting actual words and adding elipses where it suited them, they could hack out whole paragraphs, even reorder ideas to make it seem as if I was saying gibberish.  #

Who is that fool who doesn't even know how to express an idea! Why his name is, is -- it's me! Oy.  #

I thought I had seen it all. Apparently there was still more to see. :-) #

I'll keep writing. And ask a certain "editorial" organization to please, don't quote me. Ever. Thank you.  #

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