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I've deleted my Dropbox account
By Dave Winer on Monday, July 04, 2011 at 12:03 AM.

First, it's ridiculous that Dropbox made a major change to their Terms of Service during a holiday weekend in the US. Right off the bat that tells you something very bad is happening. #

Near as I can tell, they've changed their user agreement to be like Twitter's. Unbelievably, they claim rights to use the stuff you store on Dropbox. Breathtaking. It's one thing to cast your 140-character tweets out there into a hamster farm, quite another for the kinds of stuff we've been using Dropbox for.  #

I pay them $99 per year for the service. I felt it was wrong to accept this kind of service without providing them with compensation. #

There is a delete account command. I used it. #

Now I have to wonder if there's some way to get them to flush my archives.  #

To people who say I over-reacted. How could you possibly know?  #

Might re-approach once the dust settles. Can't afford to have my stuff be a test case.  #

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