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Why Twitter may have trouble monetizing
By Dave Winer on Saturday, July 09, 2011 at 3:27 PM.

Because I started with Twitter so early, I know something that later-comers might not.  #

Twitter was better when there were fewer people there. #

Before it was so random. Before there was so much spam. When everybody on Twitter was likely someone I wouldn't mind hearing about, and from.  #

It's probably why people are liking Google-Plus now. It's small. Approachable. Filled with people you know.  #

If they make Twitter too unpleasant with ads (sponsored tweets) it could fracture into a Twitter for tech, a Twitter for NYC, perhaps a Twitter for the Lower East Side, even. A Twitter for me! :-) #

I had this thought when I looked at how competent Twitter is these days. But the question is, do we really need something that does what Twitter does. Do I need a service that can serve people with 6 million followers? (No, I don't follow anyone with that many, and I myself have less than 40K followers.) Do I pay attention to the tweets of even a fraction of the people I follow? (No, no one could.) With Twitter, I think there's no doubt that it would be better if it were smaller.  #

But who cares as long as there are no ads. But they're coming, soon. Maybe they'll solve the problem by letting people pay them, say $25 per year, for an ad-less Twtter. #

That would help keep it from fracturing. #

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